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Crashworthiness Center Expansion

Fri, Dec 28, 2018

MGA has completed construction of the crashworthiness expansion at our Wisconsin Operations and is currently performing customer tests.

This facility serves our customer needs for full vehicle rollover testing, safety sensor development, side and rear impact, and the addition of the IIHS small overlap test mode. Additional test modes will be phased in as the facility expands.

Crashworthiness Center Expansion


The building was designed to allow high energy impacts to be performed indoors and utilizes a large hanger door to allow the test vehicle/article to move outdoors as needed. MGA’s Facility and Equipment team had the lead role in design and fabrication of the layout, functionality, and various test fixtures throughout the site.


Link to virtual tour:


One additional item in process of being finalized is the construction of a “ditch wall” that is used for rollover sensor development. This “ditch wall” slope angle is adjustable between 35 and 50 degrees. This adjustability along with several approach angles and entrance speeds will help our customer base meet their various requirements.


To discuss how MGA can help your crashworthiness needs, please call Joe Fleck at 262-763-2705.