Durability & Reliability

MGA offers customers an extremely wide array of durability test solutions. Test options range from full scale approaches utilizing a Proving Grounds, to in-lab solutions in which test durations are reduced to only include damaging content. Concerning durability and reliability issues, MGA has a staff of experts specializing in different aspects of testing including data collection, analysis, test design, procedure development, and results interpretation

Data Analysis

Perhaps the most important aspect of durability testing is the determination of the proper conditions for testing. For the most part, durability related testing is typically considered a time compressed simulation of a lifetime of real world usage. In many cases, actual data either in the form of strain or acceleration is recorded over a number of real world events. A number of steps are typically used to go from the field to the lab. These steps include:

  • Verify that no errors or instrumentation issues are evident in the data set and filter data as necessary.
  • The data is then analyzed, and non-damaging segments of the data are removed.
  • Analysis is done to determine sequence playback which captures a high content (95% +) of the damaging content, while reducing substantially the in-lab test duration.
  • The sequence payback is established for the in-lab simulation.

MGA’s engineers have years of experience with collecting data, defining playback sequences, and conducting many types of in-lab simulation tests

Types of Tests

There are many tools available at MGA to simulate fatigue related durability issues. MGA offers customers a full Proving Grounds for either vehicle durability testing or data collection. From an in-lab perspective, MGA is home to a state-of-the-art durability lab featuring dozens of bed-plates with inertial masses, and 120 servo-loops. MGA utilizes MTS FlexTest technology for control systems. In regard to what types of tests can be conducted, MGA offers the following:

  • Single or Multi-channel fatigue with block load or real time data simulation
  • Multi-Axis Simulation Table (MAST) with 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) – a total of 12 tables of various sizes are on-line at the Troy Facility
  • Four Post Simulator of vehicle spindle excitation
  • Frame based test applications
  • Dual MAST applications for chassis and exhaust durability
  • Rotary test systems for axle loading
  • Electrodynamic Shaker systems used to simulate higher frequency applications
Other Factors

For many types of durability tests, the fatiguing of a component or system is only one aspect. Fatigue cycling or MAST playback in extreme temperatures can be done at MGA. In addition, MGA offers a number of peripheral tools to aid in fatigue testing including hot gas simulation (up to 1000 C), pressure cycling with hot fluid, sun loading, mechanical cycling, and component usage. Any of these tools can be used in parallel with the actual in-lab fatigue simulation.

Facilities and Personnel

MGA runs all life cycle tests 24/7 all year long. Extensive laboratories include dozens of bedplates, controllers, cylinders, and over 1000 GPM of high pressure pumping capacity. In addition, the staff at MGA is well recognized and respected in automotive and other industries. From a timing perspective, the staff at MGA is well suited to meet challenging test schedules, and welcomes the opportunity to handle both small and large projects.