Facilities & Equipment Philosophy

MGA Philosophy
MGA Research Corporation is a technology driven company that helps customers solve problems. The problems faced by customers are often complex and require a creative approach to solve. These problems sometimes relate to challenging new legal regulations, emerging technologies, issues in the field, or overall trends confronting whole industries. Recent examples include new automotive safety standards and increasing fuel efficiency requirements, implementation of advanced batteries, and the protection of soldiers from changing military threats. With many of these challenges, new approaches are needed to evaluate industries’ solutions to these problems. For each of these examples, MGA has responded quickly with in-lab solutions for evaluating new technologies.

The initial ideas that are developed within MGA are usually experimental in nature and sometimes employ innovative features. Therefore, new systems are thoroughly evaluated in one of MGA’s internal laboratories prior to it being considered as a potential new product. Over time, only a limited number of these ideas become equipment products. Initial ideas that progress to the product stage have usually been through multiple design iterations with a feedback loop from our internal labs to the equipment design group. With this approach, customers are assured that the equipment provided to them will have a proven track record.

MGA recognizes the urgency from customers to bring this equipment in-house and online. For that reason, MGA will build multiple units to be placed in inventory. This inventory will allow MGA to better serve customers’ needs by delivering them our products in an expedited fashion. In addition, it will also allow for the option of leasing the equipment to customers who may only have temporary needs.

With any equipment project, MGA’s best and most knowledgeable engineers with regard to the particular test application will conduct intensive and in-depth training with the system. This training will not only detail the operation of the system, it will also provide a much broader perspective in terms of the history of the particular standard, the most critical aspects of set-up, evaluation of data, and understanding of the results. This training also forms the basis for a longer term partnership between engineers in MGA labs and MGA equipment customers.

In summary, MGA’s equipment philosophy starts with the challenges facing customers, continues with a collaborative internal approach to develop appropriate equipment, and culminates with an array of innovative and proven solutions available to customer base.