MGA’s Battery test offerings are currently centered around mechanical abuse related tests. The challenge with battery tests is to be able to properly perform tests in a safe environment. MGA’s approach to battery tests is to place test systems within a containment chamber. If a thermal runaway occurs the chamber will contain the event until it is safe for personnel to enter. Currently, MGA also has under development a number of other shock and abuse systems related to large format batteries.

Hydraulic Static Crush System

Hydraulic Static Crush SystemMGA’s Crush System is ideal for conducting industry standard battery abuse tests. By constructing the hydraulic crush system on two (2) heavy duty I-beam frames, the load is essentially contained between the backstop and crush surface, making the entire system portable. The system is designed to fit into a Containment Chamber. This all-in-one system features a high pressure pump, two (2) 200K pound load cells, two (2) hydraulic cylinders, and a MGA Hydraulic Controller. MGA’s Hydraulic Controller includes data collection capability and software capable of performing force or displacement control loading.

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Containment Chamber

Containment ChamberThis system has been designed to allow potentially flammable tests to be conducted indoors within this containment system. Constructed with steel panels and reinforced with 4” thick concrete walls, the chamber is design to maintain a clean and safe testing environment for the evaluation of higher energy batteries. The primary function of the chamber is to contain a thermal runaway event if one occurs during a test. It is not intended for fire suppression or explosion containment / control.

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