Controllers / Peripheral Lab Items

MGA offers customers a number of control/ measurement units that perform standard functions, typically part of normal laboratory operations. These units are sometimes sold as part of full systems or are often installed as part of an upgrade to existing facilities. All of these systems are utilized at various MGA laboratories and the designs have been optimized for accuracy, ease-of-use, and dependability.

Dynamic Mobile Propulsion System

Dynamic Mobile Propulsion SystemThe Dynamic Propulsion System is utilized to control and fire MGA built dynamic impactors. This system is to provide control aspects of a dynamic impact facility. However, in many cases, customers choose to utilize this unit for upgrading facilities purchased in the past. In many instances, this is done so that outdated computers related to data acquisition or impactor control can be replaced with current technology while still keeping the mechanical components of the system. The system itself is based on a state-of-the-art touch screen technology, and can be easily adapted to existing systems. The system is easy-to-use and highly dependable.

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Dynamic Impact Workstation

Dynamic Impact WorkstationThe Dynamic Impact Workstation and Pneumatic Propulsion System is a Nitrogen based propulsion system that incorporates all of the tools necessary to perform dynamic impact testing. This system is utilized to fire MGA impactors, trigger data/ camera systems, and provide overall control of the system. It is also ideal for upgrading older impact systems that have been outdated due to computer technology but otherwise acceptable from a mechanical perspective.

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Hydraulic Controller

Hydraulic ControllerMGA’s Universal Hydraulic Controller is used to provide accurate control for test systems that utilize closed loop feedback with hydraulic cylinders. This unit is currently part of many MGA’s static test systems – including seat anchorage, head-restraint, and roof crush systems. The controller is designed so that it is universal in nature and that customized software can be developed for unique applications. It has also been designed for customers who would like to upgrade the controller hardware of existing systems due to changes in computer technology. In these cases, the mechanical components of the system are still fully functional.

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Velocity Measurement System

Velocity Measurement SystemMGA’s Velocity Measurement System (VMS) is a stand-alone device used for measuring the speed of objects that pass through its sensors. It utilizes the same technology as the integrated VMS unit within the impact workstation. However, rather than using an octocoupler and flag, the device uses two laser beams between two perpendicular stanchions. Once both beams have been broken by a passing object, the device reports the resulting speed in a variety of units. The programming of the device also prohibits any residual speed measurements from a ricochet or any other object re-entering between the stanchions. The systems are mounted to two small tripods which are ideal for ease of setup in a number of environments.

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