Crash Components

MGA’s offerings for crash test facilities include a number of stand-alone items that are used in conjunction with crash testing. These items include crash test carts, a fuel leakage post-test rollover system, and other devices used to perform complex tests. All of these systems are used by MGA at its own crash test facility and are designed to meet specific application legal regulations.

Vehicle Flying Floor

Vehicle Flying FloorMGA’s “Flying Floor” vehicle impact system is used to perform side impact pole and other research style tests. Based upon our experience in our in-house crash laboratory, we have designed and developed a system to produce repeatable and accurate side impact tests. The durable low friction surface allows for a smooth transition of the vehicle to the impact device and the wide wheel spacing keeps the floor stable under impact conditions. This system can accommodate small passenger cars to large extended cab/ long box pickup trucks.

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Side & Rear Impact Cart

Side & Rear Impact CartMGA Research Corporation, a world leader in safety test equipment solutions, offers a variety of impact carts which are designed to the specific standards set by the NHTSA, other agencies, or customer specific needs. Carts can be dedicated to impact modes or have the flexibility to be used in different configurations (side and rear impact). The impact carts are fabricated with standard mounting holes for common barrier faces, yet still maintain the ability to mount other fixtures or test articles. MGA has been conducting testing with these cart designs for many years and continues to find new uses for this impact technology.

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Vehicle Rotisserie

Vehicle RotisserieThe MGA Vehicle Rotisserie system is used to evaluate crash tested vehicles post-test for fuel leakage. The system has been designed to accommodate large and small vehicles. The system can be loaded from either side allowing for rapid vehicle setup and take down. The fully covered diamond plate floor section helps contain fluid spillage and other debris for easier post test clean up. This system has been designed to integrate well into an efficient crash test facility. Loading of vehicle, control of system, etc. have been designed to efficiently and accurately evaluate vehicles for post-test fuel leakage.

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