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ED Shaker

MGA’s Vibration Testing with a Thermotron Electrodynamic Shaker Test System provides a testing platform for transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), and more. With dynamic and enhanced performance in displacement, velocity, acceleration, and force, Electrodynamic Shakers accurately simulate a wide range of conditions that can help improve product and test quality and reliability.

Random Vibration

Seat Anchorage SystemMGA Research Corporation,
• Force Rating Random (RMS) lbf/kN: For a uniform power spectral density, 20-2000Hz, payload mass equal to or greater than twice the armature mass.
• Maximum Velocity (PK) ips/mps: Rated sine performance is “full field”. Increased velocities may be obtained with reduced field, especially in shock testing.
• Shock vs. Load Rating Lbs / Kg: Refers to 11 msec, half sine shock pulse.
• Mounting Points: Stainless inserts 3/8-16 UNC standard, other threads available.
• Stray Magnetic Field: At 6” (150 mm) above mounting surface. Degauss kit optional for reduction to less than 8 gauss at full field. For vertical electrodynamic shaker systems only.
• Blower Dimensions: Are nominal for a 460/3/60 system.
• Recommended Minimum Service: Is valid for vertical electrodynamic shaker systems only. Horizontal electrodynamic shaker systems will vary based on sliptable requirements. Other voltages are available.
• Frequency Range: Is dependent on vibration controller resolution, slew rate, and loading.
• Air Supply: 2SCFM at 90 psi (1 L/sec. at 6.2 BAR).
• Automatic centering with indicators and optical electronic overtravel protection.
• This model can have payload capacity increased from 1,000lbs to 1,500lbs as an option.

VibrationVIEW Software

Head Restraint SystemVibrationVIEW can be configured for as many or as few test modules as you’d like. You need at least one to get started but can add more at any time in the future. In fact, our modules are activated by electronic keys, so you can even “lease” modules if you find you have short term needs for specific tests.

SINE – Run swept and/or fixed-frequency sine wave vibration tests, with control of acceleration, velocity, and displacement.
SINE ON SINE – Run mixed-mode tests with up to 32 sine tones simultaneously.

RANDOM – Run Controlled spectrum random tests (tests with a spectrally shaped gaussian amplitude distribution).
iDOF® – Prevent under or over testing on high value products where tight tolerances and short duration random testing is required.
SINE ON RANDOM – Run mixed-mode tests with sine tones superimposed on a random background.

RANDOM ON RANDOM – Run controlled spectrum random tests with swept random “tones” superimposed on a random background.

Environmental Chamber

Roof & Side Crush Strength SystemEnvironmental Test Chambers provide superior performance for a wide range of applications. Engineering expertise assures optimum performance while chamber construction meets critical standards. Benchtop chambers offer the flexibility, reliability, uniformity, and control accuracy required for cost effective testing in a convenient tabletop size in temperature-only and temperature-humidity configurations. The chambers are also equipped with Thermotron’s exclusive Windows®-based 8200+ Controller, which gives users a deeper look at what is happening to the product under test.

The enhanced 8200+ Controller features an intuitive touchscreen display, with quick and efficient performance. Users can securely and easily enter and monitor test data with a familiar Windows®-based interface. Built-in Graphing Capabilities users pinpoint the exact data they wish to see Ethernet Connection easy and secure data export and remote PC access Password-Based Security multi-level, system protects sensitive data Quick Step Wizards easy program entry, test setup, and product monitoring Transferable Spreadsheet Data test data can be exported to commonly used spreadsheet formats and transferred via USB Web Server view the controller status from any computer connected to the network