Facilities & Equipment News

MGA is pleased to announce the addition of a specialized crashworthiness complex that is currently under construction at our Wisconsin Operations. Design and development of this facility began in early 2011 to respond directly to needs identified by our customer base. The crashworthiness field is a dynamic environment and the technical needs are constantly changing – our role is to respond to these needs.

The complex is being developed in phases with the first phase designed to address the needs of crash modes such as rollover, sensor development, alternate power sources, and other specialized tests. This expansion will increase throughput, schedule flexibility, and augment our existing capabilities.

The location, situated on a 12 acre site, allows for easy future expansion. MGA anticipates that the first phase will be performing initial checkout tests during 2nd quarter 2012 and will be brought online for various test modes throughout the 2012 timeframe.

The building has been designed to allow high energy impacts to be performed indoors and utilizes a large hanger door to allow the test vehicle/article to move outdoors as needed. MGA’s Facility and Equipment team has taken the lead role in design and fabrication of the innovative layout, functionality, and reaction fixtures that are being installed.

For more information and a photo walkthrough of the building in progress, please click the following link: