MGA offers customers a comprehensive array of military related testing service, and a deep understanding of the higher performance levels expected from products that have to perform on the battle field. A staff of test experts, combined with state of the art facilities, result in a number of solutions that are ideal for military product development.

Unique Challenges

Military products or vehicles typically present unique challenges to designers and test engineers alike. In many cases, life and death consequences must be considered when evaluating performance, reliability, and durability issues. For non-military applications, a durability issue is more quality related. For a military application, a durability issue can have dire consequences. With this perspective, procedures used for the military are typically much more stringent than traditional aerospace or automotive testing. MGA engineers have years of experience in determining appropriate test protocols to use for a particular situation, developing test plans, conducting custom tests, and interpreting results.

Types of Projects

Over the years, MGA has conducted many types of projects related to military vehicle development. In many cases, the specific project has been done to address a particular issue. For other projects, tests routinely done in the automotive safety area are conducted on military vehicles to gage safety performance. Examples of projects demonstrating MGA’s experience with military vehicle performance include the following:

  • Off-Site Mine Resistant Vehicle Blast Testing
  • Custom Proving Ground Durability Evaluation
  • Crash and Sled testing
  • Drop Tower Impact Testing or Combat Vehicle Seats
  • FMVSS Certification
  • Gage Fixture design/build
  • ROPS or Rollover Protection Structure testing
Facilities and Personnel

MGA’s staff has a number of experts well armed to address the challenging needs of military related testing. A comprehensive array of facilities including a Proving Grounds, crash test center, multiple sleds, and dozens of in-lab systems are regularly used for evaluating all types of military vehicles. In addition, data collection using test dummies is routinely done off-site anywhere in the country. The combination of safety and durability expertise, strong design/build capabilities, and extensive facilities makes MGA a great choice for military related challenges.