Seating Systems

Seat testing is critical in regards to a customer’s perception of a vehicle. Since a seat plays such a key role in areas related to safety, durability and reliability, a wide range of industry accepted tests have been developed and are routinely performed at MGA. In addition a consumer’s perception of overall quality is greatly effected by how comfortable they are when they are seated. A staff of experts, combined with state of the art facilities, are the cornerstone of MGA’s seat testing services.

Wide Range of Industries

Seats are a critical component used in many industries. The specific characteristics of a seat affect attributes such as comfort, convenience, and safety. Industries in which seat testing plays a vital role in product development include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Child safety
  • Boating
  • Recreational Vehicles

In many cases, these industries have established minimum standards in some form or another.  MGA’s engineers have years of experience in determining appropriate test protocols to use for a situation, developing test plans, conducting seat testing, and interpreting results.

Types of Tests

The overall family of seat testing is extremely large. MGA offers customers a very wide range of tests geared towards quality, reliability, and characterization of seating properties. The range of tests conducted by MGA includes multiple test techniques related to the following areas:

  • Safety – Dynamic and Static Evaluations
  • FMVSS Compliance
  • Vibration – Durability and NVH
  • Trim Durability – Jounce and Robotic Ingress/Egress
  • Life Cycle – Power and Mechanical
  • Efforts/Functional Evaluation
  • Sound Performance
  • Structural Fatigue
  • Air Bag Occupant Classification Sensor Evaluation
Facilities and Personnel

MGA’s staff has a number of experts well versed in the details of numerous specifications. MGA’s seat test facilities include:

  • 3 crash sleds
  • 4 Anchorage Stands
  • 2 Head Restraint Systems
  • 3 Dynamic Impact Systems
  • 12 Jounce machines
  • 12 Ingress/Egress robots
  • 12 Multi-Axis Simulation Tables (MAST)
  • Life Cycle controllers/chambers
  • Many other specialized systems designed to evaluate specific seating issues

As with all MGA facilities, the operations are fully accredited per ISO requirements. MGA’s staff of seat test experts is well known throughout the seating industry. Engineers at MGA have conducted numerous presentations related to the latest safety and durability standards pertaining to seats. First-class, professional service, and fast turn-around on testing and reports are hallmarks of our seat testing service.  To learn more about MGA’s seat test offerings, please visit