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Space Exploration Leads to Pyroshock Expansion at MGA

From lasers to Tang, NASA’s Apollo space program led the way in modern innovations that now impact our everyday lives. With the planned return to the Moon and future expeditions to Mars, NASA and the commercial space industry are ready to embark on the next generation of space exploration. The Atlas Launch Vehicles and Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle are at the forefront of modern space travel, paving the way for advancements in technology for decades to come. MGA Research recognized the need to elevate the quality of Pyroshock testing and developed a state-of-the-art Pyroshock laboratory with new testing equipment to meet the higher demands of these projects.

Pyroshock testing is critical to aerospace engineering due to the high stakes nature of the industry. This testing simulates explosive and powerful events such as space launches and jettisoning used rocket stages. By performing this testing on individual components, it helps to ensure the spacecraft’s success during high stress events. MGA Research is committed to achieving the most accurate and consistent shock pulses through developing new equipment and knowledge of the industry.

In order to expand capabilities, we designed and built two new Pyroshock testing systems. The Clamped Tunable Resonant Bar (CTRB) was engineered for smaller products, while the Hanging Tunable Resonant Beam (HTRB) was developed to accommodate products with increased size and weight requirements. Both systems are complete when paired with our Mobile Propulsion Unit (MPU), implementing over 35 years of impactor expertise, allowing quality and repeatable results.

With a need to house these new systems, MGA Research built a Pyroshock testing laboratory within our New York facility. This state of the art lab is equipped with an isolated conference room to witness testing, while providing privacy for the customer and their project. With support from MGA’s Equipment Group, we can ensure that this facility, as well as our Pyroshock testing, will meet and exceed customer needs and expectations for years to come.

This new laboratory will be debuting with an open house on Friday, January 25th 2013. For more information on the open house or Pyroshock testing please contact Larry Calabrese at (716) 542-5515 or