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21″ Sled

Thu, Feb 28, 2019

Industry Challenges Drive Innovation within MGA

As vehicle safety continues to advance, the industry is seeing a push for more energy in sled testing. In response to this shift in the industry, MGA has installed a new sled facility housing both a traditional 12” bore thrust column as well as a more powerful MGA designed 21” bore thrust column. The combination of these two columns will support the full range of challenges displayed by the industry:

  • More total energy and force during the event than traditional crash pulse corridors.
  • Heavier vehicle bucks.
    • Larger portion of the vehicle body including rear seats and full curtain airbag mounts.
    • Reinforced bucks to extend the service life and reduce overall project cost.
    • Improved camera placement for evaluation of occupant kinematics and restraint interaction.
  • Optimizing dummy to restraint interaction kinematics correlated to a crash test.



More Energy

The 21” column is capable of achieving 900,000 lbf of peak force, three times the force of a traditional 12” column’s 300,000 lbf peak force to meet the extra energy seen in today’s crash pulses


Crash Correlation

Matching the dummy kinematics is critical. Through MGA’s crash testing experience, pulse development and video and data analysis allow the dummy to restraint interaction to directly correlate back to the vehicle crash test.

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