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  • Automated Airbag Deployment System

    MGA has supported airbag deployment testing for decades. In order to further support particular specifications which call out a timing limit on deployments being conditioned, MGA developed an Automated Environmental Airbag Deployment System (AEADS).  With a single command, the chamber doors open, the track system removes the test sample from the chamber, and guides it to the specified location.  Once the sample is in the deployment position, the test is automatically performed. (more…)

  • 21″ Sled

    Industry Challenges Drive Innovation within MGA


    As vehicle safety continues to advance, the industry is seeing a push for more energy in sled testing. In response to this shift in the industry, MGA has installed a new sled facility housing both a traditional 12” bore thrust column as well as a more powerful MGA designed 21” bore thrust column. The combination of these two columns will support the full range of challenges displayed by the industry:


  • Space Exploration Leads to Pyroshock Expansion at MGA

    From lasers to Tang, NASA’s Apollo space program led the way in modern innovations that now impact our everyday lives. With the planned return to the Moon and future expeditions to Mars, NASA and the commercial space industry are ready to embark on the next generation of space exploration…. Learn More