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  • Space Exploration Leads to Pyroshock Expansion at MGA

    From lasers to Tang, NASA’s Apollo space program led the way in modern innovations that now impact our everyday lives. With the planned return to the Moon and future expeditions to Mars, NASA and the commercial space industry are ready to embark on the next generation of space exploration…. Learn More

  • MGA Continues Expansion into Canadian Market

    MGA is pleased to announce the opening of our first international laboratory located in Ontario, Canada… Learn More

  • Innovative Approaches to Shock Events

    Over the years, MGA’s team has developed new ways to simulate the high amplitude shock events that are present in various applications. These approaches have been the result of MGA’s strong collaboration between our laboratory personnel and our equipment team. The approach implemented is to draw upon the technologies that have been developed at MGA in the areas of new sled designs, pyroshock devices, dynamic impactors, and large-scale drop towers.  In many cases, these approaches have been combined to produce the desired acceleration shock pulses.  A few recent examples include the following:

    • Battery Shock Testing
    • Horizontal Blast Simulation
    • Pyroshock
    • Curb Impact