Companies across the globe are experiencing part shortages, supply chain issues, and shipping delays, adding pressure to make every test count. Sled testing becomes an effective tool in these situations as it recreates crash events necessary for a product’s development, while only using a fraction of the components. For decades, MGA Research has been using a 12” bore accelerator sled system to provide world class testing services. As a result of the automotive sector becoming more heavily focused on developing electric vehicles (EV’s), we built a 21” bore accelerator sled to accommodate the growing need for high-mass high-energy tests

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MGA Research uses both sizes of sled systems for automotive testing but the larger 21” sled has played a key role in the growing demand for EV testing. This 21” bore sled is suited for matching crash pulses with higher acceleration peaks, commonly seen in EV crashes. In addition, the larger sled can accommodate heavier payloads allowing for bigger / stronger bucks which is often a requirement for correlating to full-scale crash tests.  Both of our systems have been effective at delivering accurate and repeatable results for our customers. The approximate capabilities for both sled systems are detailed below:

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We have an extensive inventory of ATD’s across all our locations including Hybrid III, THOR, side impact (WorldSID, SID-IIs, ES-2, etc.), rear impact (BioRID-II), and child ATD’s. MGA has made sled testing easier for our customers by providing on-site ATD qualifications and buck / fixture fabrication services to ensure seamless integration to our sled systems. All our sled systems provide a wide range of pulses related to compliance standards for crash tests and components with the ability to create custom pulses. The table below gives a summary of the testing commonly provided by MGA:

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The high demand for sled testing has led us to install over a dozen sled systems across all our facilities servicing multiple markets including: automotive, aircraft, child restraint system (CRS), and battery industries.  MGA is prepared to handle the growing demand for sled testing and will continue to provide all customers with accurate, efficient, and innovative services.