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Pyroshock System

With our decades of experience in designing pneumatic impact systems for the automotive industry, we have developed innovative pneumatic pyroshock simulation systems that yield highly repeatable results. A tunable resonant fixture is used to generate the desired pyroshock test pulse. The beam structure is clamped at both ends of a holding fixture that is attached to a massive base structure, imposing a nearly fixed-end condition on the beam. The test article and accelerometers (used to measure the shock pulse during the test) are fixtured to the beam structure. When the beam structure is impacted by a cylindrical mass fired from the air gun beneath it, it will resonate at its fundamental frequencies and transfer the vibration energy to the test article.

The basic principle in pyroshock test design is to match the dominant fixture response frequencies to the shock spectrum knee frequencies where the slopes of desired profiles change.  A complete pyroshock pulse specification analysis, test system modeling, and computer simulation process has been developed by engineers at MGA to determine the approximate configuration for a specific pyroshock test condition. This process decreases the time required for initial test setup and pulse matching by reducing the amount of “trial and error”. Once the test configuration is determined, the result is highly repeatable for conducting multiple tests.  Our development over the years has resulted in two different systems for testing.

Small Article System

This system was designed to perform testing on smaller components up to 60 lbs.  Multiple components are provided to ensure plenty of variables to achieve the required SRS pulse.  The variables and components are as follows:



  • Steel and concrete frame structure provides required reaction mass.
  • System tunable from 10 to 20,000 Hz.
  • Knee frequency variable from 400 Hz to 3,000 Hz.
  • Amplitude of shock responses up to 100,000 g.
  • Data acquisition compliant to MIL-STD-810G,

Method 517.1 and ISO 18431-4.

Large Article System

This system was designed to perform testing on components up to 500 lbs.  While similar in functionality to the smaller system, here are some capabilities that are not included with the smaller system:

  • Capable of firing three cannons at the same or staggered time for multiple knee frequencies.
  • Three variable resonant beam sizes of 6061-T6 Aluminum:
    • 120”x12”x1” (Qty. 2)
    • 120”x12”x2” (Qty. 1)

  • 120”x24”x2” (Qty.1)
  • Three exchangeable impact air cannons sizes:
    • 1.75” ID (Qty. 1)
    • 4” ID (Qty. 3)
    • 6” ID (Qty 3)
  • Multiple impact masses machined from Round Cold

Rolled 1018 Steel:

    • 2lb, 4lb, and 6lb for 1.75” cannon (Qty. 1 ea.)
    • 10lb and 20lb for 4” cannon (Qty. 3 ea.)
  • 40lb, 70lb and 100lb for 6” cannon (Qty. 3 ea.)

For more information about MGA’s Pyroshock system, please contact:

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