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  • Expansion of Rollover Capabilities Continues at MGA

    MGA has provided innovative solutions to the auto industry for crashworthiness development for many years.  As frontal, side, and rear impact procedures were advanced and implemented, MGA has added capabilities and additional facilities to help the industry in meeting these requirements.  Currently, facilities in Wisconsin and Alabama are actively working with customers to evaluate vehicle crash performance.  Over the last decade or so, rollover protection has been a particular focus for the auto industry and specific capabilities have been developed to assist OEM’s in this area. (more…)

  • Commercial Airliner Landing Gear Testing

    Hydraulic frameworks are key factors in the aerospace industry and they are of no exception when it comes to testing. Through years of expertise and in-house equipment, MGA’s facility is able to provide structural, vibration and environmental testing designed to ensure the landing gear system can tolerate extreme conditions and load/vibration stress, all while maintaining accuracy to the consumer specification (RTCADO 160). RTCADO 160 is the standard for testing of avionics hardware. (more…)

  • Mine Blast Simulation

    MGA is proud to offer test equipment manufactured to simulate a variety of mine blast scenarios. Through the use of these devices, vehicle manufacturers are able to evaluate and improve designs that help reduce the risk of injury and death to our armed forces.


  • Pyroshock Expansion in Texas

    Over the last 20 years, MGA has grown to become a leader in pyroshock simulation testing utilizing our specially designed pyroshock systems. During this time, MGA systems have set the standard in the industry. Numerous MGA pyroshock machines have been installed at leading aerospace organizations throughout the country. (more…)