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  • Dynamic Impact Usage in the Aircraft Industry

    For the past 25 years, MGA has been a leader in testing for the Aircraft industry. Alongside major players in the aerospace industry, MGA modified and developed previous technology to create the inverted pendulum, also known as HIC (Head Injury Criteria) on a stick. This technology stemmed from the need to evaluate the performance of aircraft seatbacks and seat back components. This apparatus, accompanied with the free motion head-form (FMH), is used by MGA to test for blunt trauma as well as sharp or injurious edges per 14 CFR 25.785 (b) & (d) and ANM-03-115-32. Aside from Certification testing (more…)

  • MGA Supports the Advancement of the Mass Transit and Rail Industry

    Over the past decade, the mass transit industry has grown to be a popular form of transportation for the daily commuter and leisure traveler alike. Mass transit infrastructure provides the public with a cost effect, eco-friendly and safe alternative to privatized transportation. (more…)

  • Seat Harness and airbags in aircraft interiors

    Commercial aircrafts required pulse per 14 CFR 25.562

    MGA has been at the forefront of crash testing simulations in the aircraft industry for over 40 years. Working alongside airframe manufactures and their suppliers as safety regulations improve, our labs have assisted seat and seat belt manufacturers to conduct tests on safety harnesses, as well as airbag integrated systems for aircrafts. (more…)