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MGA Research Corporation is a world leader in independent safety testing and equipment solutions.



MGA’s goal has always been to provide customers with superior testing capabilities matched with unbeatable service through constantly evaluating industry trends and customer needs. As the industry continues to evolve, the associates at MGA are eager to build on our past history and are excited about meeting the challenges of the future.


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Equipment and Testing

Our equipment philosophy starts with the challenges facing our customers, continues with a collaborative internal approach to develop appropriate equipment, and culminates with an array of innovative and proven solutions available to our customer base.

Structural / Static

MGA’s Structural Series equipment solutions are hydraulic-based quasi-static systems that are designed to perform testing according to specific regulations.

  • Seat and Seat Belt Anchorage System
  • Head Restraint Test System
  • Roof and Side Crush Test System
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A dynamic impact system generally consists of four parts: control and propulsion system, dynamic impact frame, dynamic impactor, and data acquisition system.

  • Free-Motion Headform (FMH) Test System
  • Linear and Pendulum Impact System
  • Ejection Mitigation System
  • Pedestrian Impact System
  • Blast/Drop Impact Simulation System
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Test options range from full scale approaches utilizing Proving Grounds, to in-lab solutions in which test durations are reduced to only include damaging content.

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Servo-hydraulic Simulation Testing
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MGA has developed test equipment and facilities to perform testing on cells, modules, and battery packs of all sizes, from a pacemaker battery to a full vehicle.

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We have developed innovative pneumatic pyroshock simulation systems that yield highly repeatable results.

  • Small Article System
  • Large Article System
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MGA has been involved in automotive testing since the founding of the company in 1977. From the early stages of development through the mass production stages, MGA provides services to help ensure our customers’ needs are met.


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Crash Components

MGA offers a number of stand-alone systems that are used to perform crash tests per official standards and protocols. The design of this equipment has been continually improved over the last 30 years, in conjunction with industry evolution, by the associates who operate the equipment daily.

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MGA offers customers a number of control/measurement units that perform standard functions, typically part of normal laboratory operations.

  • Dynamic Propulsion System
  • Dynamic Impact Workstation
  • Hydraulic Controller
  • Velocity Measurement System
  • Pneumatic Life Cycle Controller
  • Power Life Cycle Controller
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Crash Testing Extras!

March 19, 2024
Crash Testing Extras! The development of new vehicles is often challenging during the initial phases of crash testing. Particularly during early program crash tests, the ability to efficiently use test articles while collecting the maximum amount of data is necessary to push the development further along. With decades of experience in this industry, MGA is […]
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California Update: February 2024

February 23, 2024

California Update: February 2024 As the Phase 2 buildout of our California facility nears completion, we’re delighted to announce the completion of our Environmental Lifecycle Durability and Strength expansion. MGA California Durability and Strength Building Since our establishment in CA, we have invested in the incorporation of five full-sized drive-in environmental chambers, nine walk-in chambers, […]

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DO160 part 2- Fluid Susceptibility and Waterproofness

January 10, 2024

Fluid Susceptibility and Waterproofness As a second installment of our deep dive into the RTCA DO-160 requirements, we now shift our focus to the liquid phase of our environmental conditions. Airborne equipment constantly encounters different liquids, whether through nature’s mechanisms like rain and condensation or human interactions involving man-made chemicals. Examples of such airborne equipment […]

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MI Battery Lab Update

November 10, 2023

Since opening 2 years ago, MGA’s Battery Test Lab in Holly, MI has undergone a number of improvements to test capabilities, the commissioning of new equipment, and the development of a highly technical team dedicated to helping the industry reach their goals in the transition to electric vehicles. Highlights of these improvements include:   Multi-Axis […]

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MGA laboratories are established in many North American locations close to various OEM, supplier, or other clusters that support specific industries.

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