Seat Anchorage System

MGA Research Corporation, a world leader in safety test equipment solutions, offers a state-of-the-art Anchorage System. This system is used to evaluate the strength of seating structures, seat belt anchorages, child seat anchorages, amongst other tests when subjected to specified loads. The system includes a base, A-frame, T-slot plate, three or four cross members, and up to sixteen hydraulic cylinders. MGA’s Anchorage system design has been upgraded periodically based upon changes to legal requirements, feedback from a worldwide customer base, and experience of engineers using the systems at MGA laboratories.

Head Restraint System

The MGA Head Restraint test system is the ideal tool for the evaluation of seat and head restraint systems to the performance requirements of such standards as FMVSS 202a, ECE R17, ECE R25, GB 15083, etc. MGA Research Corporation, which also operates laboratories throughout the U.S., utilizes the same equipment for NHTSA compliance testing. The complete package consists of one to three occupant test stations, a T-slot work surface, hydraulic unit, and loading application forms.

Roof and Side Crush Strength System

MGA’s latest generation FMVSS 214/216 Side Instrusion and Roof Crush Test System is designed to comply with the requirements set forth by both NHTSA and IIHS. This dual-purpose system is capable of performing testing in which loads may reach up to 50,000 lbs.

The complete package consists of a high strength test frame, roof-crush system, side-door intrusion system, a T-slot work surface, hydraulic unit, and applicable calibration/ measurement devices. MGA has been conducting FMVSS 216 and 214 testing for over 30 years.

All systems come with an adaptable and user-friendly control/data acquisition system utilizing the latest hardware, and customized software written for specific test standards. Test personnel can easily master the system with training from MGA Engineers who have decades of experience with each piece of test equipment.