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Automotive Battery

Governments around the world are implementing extended gas mileage requirements. Many companies are developing new and exciting designs with lithium-ion batteries to comply with these requirements.  In recent decades, lithium technology has evolved from use in medical and personal/portable devices to energy grid and automotive applications. With this evolution, MGA plans to continue investing in this fast growing industry and adapting our equipment and facilities to follow suit.  As the use of lithium-ion batteries increases and develops in the automotive field, we are supporting the rising demand for safe testing. MGA has developed test equipment and facilities to perform testing on cells, modules, and battery packs of all sizes, from a pacemaker battery to a full vehicle.

Testing Offered

  • Dynamic Testing
  • Safety certification testing
  • Cell/Module/Pack level testing
  • Rotation
  • Cycle life (charge/discharge cycling)
  • Vibration (MAST)
  • Free Fall Drop
  • Crash-Simulation Shock
  • Cycle life (simulated drive/usage profiles)
  • Abuse testing
  • Overcharge/Overdischarge
  • Short circuit (External)
  • Crush
  • Nail Penetration
  • Mechanical shock
  • Immersion Testing
  • Thermal/Humidity cycling/Exposure
  • Thermal shock
  • Altitude
  • Simulated environment: vibration, temperature, humidity
  • Failure analysis

Standards/Regulations Tested To:

  • Electric Vehicle Testing to ECE R100, R94, R95, R136, KMVSS, GB (China) FMVSS 305, ISO 6469.
  • ASTM Methods
  • Lithium Ion Battery Testing to ISO 12405
  • Protection degrees (IP Codes) to ISO 20653
  • Abide by SAE standards J2929, J1455, J1645, J1798, J2380, J369, J400, and J1171
  • Military Standards
  • RITCA DO-160, DO-227, and DO-311
  • UN Shipping requirements UN 38.3
  • Durability Testing to GTR 20, VSCC 45 and 46, GSO 42, and MAST table testing
  • Customer Protection to UL 1973, 2580, 1642, 810, 9540, 2271, and 1989
  • MGA has worked with many OEMs and customer specific testing

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