MGA provides testing and development services on almost all of these systems and many of the different components for global vehicle production. From the early stages of development through the mass production stages, MGA provides services to help ensure our customers’ needs are met.

MGA offers the Automotive Industry the largest range of innovative capabilities related to quality issues. Quality, from an automotive perspective, is driven by a number of factors primarily related to the appearance, functionality, and durability of a particular system/component. Issues can arise due to either design, changes in production, or changes in suppliers. Through our geographic footprint of nine (9) laboratories, MGA provides key services to the automotive industry from a quality perspective.


  • Life Cycle applications – Cycling a component through its normal range of motion for an accelerated length of time to evaluate functionality.
  • Durability applications – Subjecting a component or system to multi-axial loading or vibration profiles to see how it performs and holds structural integrity and other characteristics.
  • Environmental applications – Conditioning a component through an extreme range of thermal, humidity, and infrared profiles.
  • Fit and Finish – Evaluation of major interior systems from an aesthetic/visual perspective after exposures.
  • Squeak and Rattle – Evaluation of major systems in regards to unwanted noises during vibration or other mechanical load conditions.
  • Materials – Evaluating coupon level materials utilizing industry or custom methods will reveal how suitable the material is for a particular application.
  • COP – Conformance of Production – routine evaluation of parts from the assembly line to help ensure build processes meet the anticipated tolerances.