Aerospace design has always been on the forefront of the cutting edge. In the midst of this constantly evolving environment, where engineers are constantly asked to make seats and interiors lighter and safer, MGA has been a constant asset for those looking to receive the highest quality of testing services.

Since the early 1990’s, MGA has supported the advancement of occupant safety in aircraft with a wide range of testing capabilities. MGA combines an experienced staff of experts with first class facilities to meet the needs of a diverse set of Aerospace companies.


The testing offered at MGA facilities includes:

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Aircraft Sled Testing

  • 12 pneumatic sled facilities companywide with the ability to hit up to 60G’s of acceleration, & customizable pulses with high repeatability
  •  High-speed videos with frame rates of 1,000+ fps
  • Large 8’ x 12’ Aircraft Carriage capable of reaching +/- 15˚ yaw in 2.5˚ increments
  • 100+ dummies in MGA inventory: including FAA Hybrid III 50TH, ES2-re, and THOR-M
  • Aircraft seating and interiors testing as per 14 CFR Parts: 23, 25, 27, and 29

Aircraft Furniture Structural Testing

  • New fully adjustable testing system:
    • High data channel count allowing to record multiple instrumentations (strain gauges, floor load-cells, string-pots, and actuator load-cells)
    • Frame adjustability allows for actuator mounting, and possible use as a test article fixture for side and upper attachments (depending on load transfer at attachment
  • Testing jig design to not interfere with testing deformations:
    • Capable of withstanding over 100,000 psi with deflection of less than ½ “ at 100,000 psi
    • Meets aircraft OEMs testing requirements, such as Boeing & Airbus.
airline furniture testing
impact testing machine

Aircraft Impact/Delethalization

  • Impact HIC testing areas.
  • MGA is capable of running Inverted Pendulum (HIC on a Stick) and Free Motion Headform for Part 25.785 (b) & (d) certification testing.
  • Additional developmental testing capabilities can include monitor and foam designs for energy absorption tests, among other aircraft component testing.
    • Facilities are equipped with automotive linear impactor and inverted pendulum capabilities, which many aerospace customers have found beneficial for developmental testing.

Aircraft Automated Hydraulic Frame

  • With cylinders set up in multiple locations (forward, aft, and overhead), this frame is ideal for seat static testing at high efficiency
  • Hydraulic system capable of load ramping as well as displacement ramping, reaching precise loads/displacements for up to 10 cylinders
  • User-friendly data plots delivered, as well as raw data files.
Seat Static

DO160 scope and reliabilty testing are also supported.