In the transportation industry, seat belts and airbags systems are an important part of life saving safety mechanisms. These systems are thoroughly tested to governmental and vehicle manufacturers’ specifications. Tests are designed to ensure the airbags will function and deploy properly when needed regardless of outside elements.

MGA has worked with manufacturers and suppliers on safety testing since the late 1970’s, making it our core competency. We’ve expanded these services across the United States and Canada, in locations including Alabama, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and most recently Texas.

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With a combined count of over 5,000 deployments/year throughout our engineering operations, airbag testing is one of our expertise thanks to the following:

  • Decades of experience.
  • A highly trained staff.
  • Reach-in chambers for smaller component level airbag testing.
  • Walk-in chambers for bigger component level testing such as Instrument panels and seats.
  • Drive-in chambers for full vehicle tests.
  • High speed video cameras capable of recording 5,000+ frames per second.
  • Multiple data acquisition systems to record deployment time and current input.

Our facilities can conduct driver, passenger, side, knee, and curtains airbags. Whether mounted on rigid fixtures simulating a vehicle, or in full vehicles, we can accommodate any request because of our ability to design and build the required fixtures, with the required chambers sizes. These attributes enhance our ability to quickly respond to our customer’s needs across north America, and allow us to remain a reliable partner to them.

Our most recent addition of airbag deployment capabilities is in our Texas laboratory, located in the i-35 corridor/ “NAFTA superhighway”. We are greatly positioned to support the growing automotive market in Mexico, the south, and the southwest regions. As we continue to grow our presence in the industries we serve, our commitment to the highest quality of service remains unwavered.

Photo credit: The History of airbags in modern cars – GoMechanic blog (
Photo credit: The History of airbags in modern cars – GoMechanic blog (