For the past 25 years, MGA has been invested in serving the Aircraft Industry and providing them with creative solutions to complex problems. Our service portfolio has expanded from running dynamic sled tests, to running the entirety of the AS8049 scope, as well as a big portion of the DO160 scope. Throughout this advancement, MGA has been developing new methods of testing to help our customers improve their products and lower developmental costs at the same time.

Some of these solutions include:

  • The inverted pendulum, also known as HIC on a stick.
    • Developed by MGA for The Boeing Company to evaluate the performance of monitors and seat backs.
    • This method avoids running multiple row to row tests in developmental phases in order to evaluate some criteria, such as sharp edges.
  • MGA’s linear dynamic impactor for monitor evaluation.
  • This method allows us to provide a displacement of the monitors used for seat back qualifications, through a double integrations of the acceleration.
  • MGA’s static frame.
    • For component strength evaluation and new material property evaluation in different structures.

Additional data collection capabilities have been crucial in recent years to study both static effects, and dynamic events. These studies typically consist of the correlations of FEA predicted behaviors and data with actual testing information, as well as determining how the change in material properties affect the overall performance of a component.

MGA is capable of:

  • 300+ Channels at a time
  • Strain, deformation, deflection, force, moment, energy, and acceleration
  • Photometric analysis