MGA Research has supported the advancement in aircraft safety testing since the 1990’s. Starting with dynamic sled testing on aircraft seats, our capabilities have grown to cover a variety testing such as structural, safety, environmental, & materials.

In the past decade, the aerospace market has been growing significantly in Canada. MGA responded by bringing a local facility online to support the needs of the aerospace industry. Since our Canadian facility’s grand opening in 2011, we have continuously updated our capabilities to support the needs of the local customers.

With an experienced team of engineers, MGA Canada has conducted a wide range of testing on various aircraft components such as landing gears, seats, suites, bulkheads, galleys, mask deployment systems, storage bins, assembly of engine nacelles, and wings.

Our experience in performing testing for standards such as DO-160, AS8049, & AS8043 covers:

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With the recent addition of MTS’ AeroPro software, paired with our MTS Flex 100 controller, we are now capable of performing long-term structural durability testing on any part of aircraft structure to evaluate the weariness integrity. This new addition also allows us to simulate the most complicated stress flight profiles on the aircraft structure.

As we continue growing our capabilities to support our customers, our dedicated team of engineers in Canada stand ready to support and solidify MGA’s role as a leader in aviation safety.