Many companies around the world are developing new and exciting designs using lithium-ion batteries. The electric/hybrid electric vehicle industry is projected to grow exponentially, as seen from the graph below (, McDonald, Lauren). Multiple OEMs have made statements confirming their preparation and direction for electric vehicle development. As more vehicles containing high voltage batteries are developed, there is an increase in industry demand for battery testing. MGA has been involved in battery testing for over 40 years.  Our early work with lithium-ion batteries involved heart pacemakers and other commercial applications.  Our most recent expansions have been driven by the automotive industry. MGA battery teams spanning across multiple MGA facilities work collaboratively in helping the industry with the challenges posed by Li-Ion battery development. MGA has expanded our WI location in 2019, following major investments in 2018 at our NY facility, bringing increased capacity and capabilities to perform testing on battery cells, modules, and packs of various sizes.

MGA’s battery test facilities are designed to specifically address the safety, confidentiality, and test methodology concerns related to the needs of our customers. Part of this design is to be adaptable to meet the changing technology needs of the battery industry. MGA is able to respond to this rapid change through our in house equipment teams that can design and fabricate test systems based upon the expertise of our test personnel.

When MGA began testing battery cells for electric vehicles, the initial focus from our customers was on the safe shipping of these batteries following the United Nations shipping regulation “UN Transportation Testing of Lithium Ion Batteries” (UN DOT 38.3). From there, the additional needs from the industry has lead MGA to greatly expand upon the regulatory tests into unique and customized approaches. Our Wisconsin site is uniquely suited to meet industry needs due to our isolated location, 400 acres of space, and the expertise of our staff with automotive testing.


MGA has a wide variety of technologies to perform testing for mechanical, electrical, and environmental modes. Some of these tests include modes such as:


  • Mechanical Crush
  • Nail Penetration
  • Mechanical Shock/Crash Simulation
  • Dynamic Impacts
  • External Short Circuit
  • Immersion
  • Thermal Runaway
  • Other Customized Abuse Testing


MGA is committed to working with our customers to satisfy the industry needs for the testing of batteries of all different sizes. We specialize in customized testing and working with our customers to help evaluate their products.