Since the 1980’s, MGA has been supporting customers in the South Korean market. Whether it be for testing services, or installation of testing facilities, our customer base spans across multiple industries including both automotive and aircraft.

2020 marked the start of another collaborative effort. ANH Structure was seeking to bring on-line a brand-new facility dedicated to various types of testing and a new expansion in the aircraft market. As part of our support role, MGA had been focused on the delivery and installation of an accelerator aircraft sled system as well as staff training. As of 2021, the new “Sabong Factory, built next to the existing ANH Headquarters was completed. The aircraft sled facility includes a state-of-the-art aircraft carriage, and an assortment of test fixtures allowing ANH to operate at a high level of efficiency.

Together with our South Korean representative company, JAT, our equipment check-out procedures included system functionality, pulse correlation studies between our internal systems and the ones installed at a customer’s site, as well as pulse repeatability.  

With decades of experience in aircraft sled testing, we’ve provided an extensive training covering civilian aircraft standards set-ups & pulses such as 14G Down, 16G Forward Pitch & Roll, 16G Forward flat-floor, as well as 16G Forward Head Injury Criteria (H.I.C.) tests based SAE Aerospace Standard 8049. As collaborative efforts continue between test engineers at both organizations, this level of customer service is to be expected with every turn-key system purchased from us. 

Traning Day 2 (2)

Remaining loyal to our fundamental philosophy, all MGA test equipment delivered to our customers has undergone actual usage, refinement, and proficiency within the internal MGA laboratories prior to being offered for sale. As we continue to support our customers, we strive to provide turn-key solutions to testing and equipment needs to a global customer base.