Latest Updates in Pedestrian Protection

June 10, 2019

Globally, pedestrian protection is at the forefront of transportation safety. Citing consumer safety concerns, various committees, working groups and agencies have published their ideas of what pedestrian protection regulations should require. Last month several announcements (listed below) were published regarding current pedestrian regulations and newly developed test apparatus (carhs.training_Praxis Conference). In February 2019, Euro NCAP […]

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Mine Blast Simulation

June 3, 2019

MGA is proud to offer test equipment manufactured to simulate a variety of mine blast scenarios. Through the use of these devices, vehicle manufacturers are able to evaluate and improve designs that help reduce the risk of injury and death to our armed forces.   In the unfortunate event of a vehicle triggering an Improvised […]

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Pyroshock Expansion in Texas

May 16, 2019

Over the last 20 years, MGA has grown to become a leader in pyroshock simulation testing utilizing our specially designed pyroshock systems. During this time, MGA systems have set the standard in the industry. Numerous MGA pyroshock machines have been installed at leading aerospace organizations throughout the country. With the market for pyroshock testing growing […]

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Aircraft Industry R&D Assistance

May 3, 2019

For the past 25 years, MGA has been invested in serving the Aircraft Industry and providing them with creative solutions to complex problems. Our service portfolio has expanded from running dynamic sled tests, to running the entirety of the AS8049 scope, as well as a big portion of the DO160 scope. Throughout this advancement, MGA […]

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Industry Challenges in Evaluating Vibration/Shock Performance

April 23, 2019

Mechanical Vibration and Shock issues pose significant challenges to many industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, and military fields. The development of robust products that can be exposed to long term vibration exposure or periodic shocks without degradation is critical to the overall performance of any system. As is the case with many product design approaches, […]

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MGA Continues Battery Testing Expansion as the Automotive Industry Cranks Up the Dial on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

April 18, 2019

As the automotive industry is putting a greater emphasis on vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries, MGA is further expanding our New York facilities to support the industry’s battery testing needs. MGA plays a vital role in the testing of cells, modules, and packs for major automotive manufacturers. We are making continual additions and upgrades to […]

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Automated Airbag Deployment System

March 20, 2019

MGA has supported airbag deployment testing for decades. In order to further support particular specifications which call out a timing limit on deployments being conditioned, MGA developed an Automated Environmental Airbag Deployment System (AEADS).  With a single command, the chamber doors open, the track system removes the test sample from the chamber, and guides it […]

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