MGA has over 16 years of experience performing dynamic tests that adhere to Federal standards governing child restraint safety. Our customers work with MGA because of the breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Holding the compliance contract for FMVSS 213 allows us to remain close to both the industry and its regulators. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate our customer’s needs during their product development, and remain current with the newest technologies as they emerge.

MGA personnel also stay in touch with the consumers’ use of child restraint products. Many of our personnel have been certified as Child Passenger Safety technicians.  They stay active in their communities helping real families understand and install their child restraint systems. Our familiarity with both the regulations and the real-world applications of child safety products gives us a unique insight to the industry. We apply this knowledge to our customers’ testing needs and endeavor to be a resource in the industry.

MGA is known for dynamic testing of child restraint systems, child seat inspections, and inversion testing. But beyond the primary standards for child passenger safety are a variety of upcoming regulations and industry evaluations. We provide our customers access to dynamic test equipment and expertise that adds value to their product development programs.

For instance:

  • The update to the existing standard includes a new test fixture, which MGA has prototyped for fitment and dynamic evaluations.
  • The upcoming Side Impact standard includes a new test fixture and procedure for dynamic evaluation, as well as a Q3s dummy.
  • MGA customers can also evaluate their seats with high-acceleration and high-velocity dynamic events on a vehicle seat instead of the traditional test fixture.
  • Using the IIHS standard for evaluations, MGA provides booster seat fitment studies to help manufacturers understand how well their booster seats will secure a child occupant with a wide variety of vehicle belts.

MGA’s goal has been to service the child restraint industry by continually growing our capability and knowledge. We strive to be a resource for our customers, regulators, and our individual communities.