MGA Research Corporation, as a privately owned company, is dedicated to the crashworthiness and safety industry. Since the company was founded over 40 years ago, we are constantly re-investing to make sure that our associates and operations are ready to meet the needs of our customers.

Since the 2010 timeframe, MGA has greatly increased our crashworthiness services and capacity.  Facility expansions have occurred at the operations in Wisconsin, and a complete “green field” full-scale enclosed crash operation, including sled and component labs, is online in our Alabama location.

Current statistics:

  • 6 crash test lanes
    • 2 geographic locations
    • Secure, confidential test sites
  • All crash modes – Regulatory, Industry, Development, Benchmarking, Real World
  • Research related tests – multicar impacts, self-driving crash, automatic emergency braking, ADAS related tests
  • Dedicated unique rollover facility
  • Alternative fuel vehicle test know-how (electric, hybrid, fuel cell)
  • Over 1000 annual crash test capacity
    • Average volumes of 15 to 20 tests per week
  • 12 sled systems including a high capacity 21” column for heavy payloads and high G pulses

These expansions have allowed MGA to increase capacity and build a test portfolio beyond “standard” crash modes. As a global leader in crashworthiness and safety, staying current with industry needs is paramount – technology is rapidly changing and MGA is ready to help our customers adapt to these industry changes.

Facility Development

Our facilities are built in collaboration with our internal equipment team whose main purpose is developing equipment and facilities for the various MGA locations and our customer base. This collaboration helps ensure that the people experienced in performing the test are key parts of the equipment design, checkout, and refinement. Using firsthand knowledge, these facilities are designed with a strategic perspective for implementing efficiencies, safety methods, and capacity. Everything from facility layout, workflow, accommodating multiple customers, safety, and expandability is addressed.

The Southeastern Corridor - Alabama

The “green field” construction of our Alabama crash facility started in 2014. There are a number of automotive plants in this region with no dedicated automotive testing facilities. Working with our customer base, MGA used this as an opportunity to offer additional services to the local industry.

During the past several years, this fully enclosed facility came on line, established the team, and put capabilities in place. The Alabama facility now helps increase MGA’s total capacity to over 1000 tests per year. This facility is state of the art and features an in-ground rail, isolated and covered crash lanes, and has a strategically-designed modular approach for superb customer confidentiality. The crash lanes and barrier buildings are completely separated from the rest of the facility for total privacy.

Vehicle Safety Center - Wisconsin

From the 2017 timeframe, we have also enhanced the two crash facilities that were constructed in 2012 and 2014 – This facility was rebranded as our Vehicle Safety Center located within the Wisconsin Operations.

This campus now provides our customers:

  • 3 isolated and independent covered crash lanes
  • Dedicated vehicle/customer preparation halls
  • Secure key card access to each test site
  • 3 crash halls
  • Multiple instrumentation and ATD calibration laboratories
  • 2 dynamic accelerator sled systems
    • Including a 21” high capacity sled
  • 1 decel sled system
  • Dedicated rollover facilities to support sensor development and GLONASS activities
  • Electric vehicle and battery test laboratory
  • Dedicated robotic driving outdoor test area with impact barriers
  • Test area for ADAS activities

People Development

Building and equipping a facility is only the beginning of the process; preparing the people who will run that facility and serve our customers is the larger effort.

MGA invests in its people through multiple ways, including training, industry involvement, and immersing them in a dynamic and global organization. MGA has over 400 combined years of crashworthiness experience – including quality systems, vehicle setup and teardown, test conduction, and data analysis. As we bring the updated facilities online, our new associates are integrated with our existing staff – it is important that the service culture and technical expertise our customers have come to expect is transferred to new associates.

There is no independent company in the world with as much experience, knowledge, facilities, and capability.

Moving Forward

MGA is constantly evolving for the future. As the automotive industry continues to change, MGA has already anticipated future changes for the facilities. With Wisconsin’s 400 acre facility and Alabama’s expandability, the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt is forefront with the work we are doing.