Semi Crush

MGA has been committed to consistently improving and expanding our testing capabilities to support our customers’ evolving needs. MGA’s new multi-purpose impact pendulum and crush system is no exception. The pendulum and crush systems were designed around standards focusing on heavy-duty vehicle testing such as: ECE R29, SAE J2422, and Swedish BOF10. This system is another step in incorporating large vehicle testing into MGA’s wide array of capabilities.

Table 1

The primary purpose for this testing is to evaluate the survival space of the occupant compartment for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. By impacting a specific location of the cab, various collisions and crash events can be simulated. For example, an impact to the driver side of the vehicle replicates the forces seen in a 90-degree rollover of the vehicle. After impact, the cab is inspected to verify that the occupant compartment remained intact to offer maximum safety for the driver and passenger.


The development of the impact pendulum and roof crush system has been an ongoing collaborative effort between multiple MGA locations. After being designed and fabricated by MGA’s equipment group in New York, the system is now operational and located at MGA’s Burlington, WI facility. The new impact pendulum and crush platform was constructed to accommodate the requirements of these national and international standards, while also allowing for flexibility to adapt the system when bespoke testing is needed. 

3d Roof Crush Semi

MGA is excited to have the new impact pendulum and crush system installed and ready for customer testing. Not only does this system offer a new set of testing capabilities, but it also grows MGA’s existing set of services we can provide for customers in the commercial and heavy-duty vehicle industries.