In the recent years, OEM’s and their suppliers have faced difficulties with sourcing materials, shipping costs, or supply chain issues. This spurs the need for R&D and testing of alternative materials that can be more readily available. The need for material testing ranges from guaranteeing the safety of vehicle systems to assessing the aesthetic, performance, and behavior of components over time. MGA is constantly evolving and adapting to account for the needs of the automotive and aerospace industry by continually updating the capabilities of our locations across the globe. This allows us to be successful in accommodating the material testing needs of our customers and ensure our capability to service entire test plans. Example of components tested are headliners, fascias, top pads, seating trim, door panels, airbag covers, instrument panels, floor trimming, bumpers, etc..


A recent notable addition is of material testing is at our Texas operations. This has provided an avenue to capture an exciting and promising emerging market. Whether it be the transportation of test samples, or communication with our local team fluent in Spanish, our physical proximity to Mexico has proven to be a positive experience for all parties involved. Much of the needs come from the existence of material level tests within larger qualification plans from industry. This enables us to better assist our customers by covering entire DVP&R.

Materials Table

Our highly trained staff, paired with our years of experience has allowed us to quickly respond to the demand of the market to build a material lab capable of fulfilling industry needs. Our geographical expansion efforts, as well as our constant growth, strengthens the relationship between MGA and the customer. These efforts are a testimony of our dedication to providing our customers continuous support while maintaining our commitments on existing capabilities. MGA’s initiative to expand material capabilities represents the awareness of market demands and the understanding of customer needs that are necessary to continue to provide high quality service.