As the automotive industry is putting a greater emphasis on vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries, MGA is further expanding our New York facilities to support the industry’s battery testing needs. MGA plays a vital role in the testing of cells, modules, and packs for major automotive manufacturers. We are making continual additions and upgrades to our battery testing facilities to perform innovative testing of real world situations related to these vehicles.

2018 Expansion: Increased Testing Capacity

  • 7,500 sq. ft. of additional space in our battery test lab
  • Five new safety chambers for abuse testing
  • Thermal chamber to accommodate full vehicle packs
  • Additional multi-axis shaker table
  • 20 ft. indoor freefall drop chamber
  • Accelerator sled for crash-simulation shock pulses
  • Dynamic impact system for simulating real world events such as a pole impact

2019 Expansion: Additional Battery Test Lab

  • 8,400 sq. ft. of new lab space
  • Five new safety chambers for abuse testing
  • An additional accelerator sled for large battery packs
  • Two 8,000 cu. ft. “mega” abuse chambers large enough for a full size truck. Used for destructive testing on large battery packs
  • Explosion-containing walk-in thermal chamber
  • 360° rotation system to accommodate large battery packs


As automotive manufacturers continue the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles within the next decade, MGA will continue to evolve to meet the industries battery testing needs.