As part of our pursuit to supply a complete testing experience, we have recently expanded our Solar Testing capabilities. Affecting both interiors and exteriors, sunlight is a powerful environmental force that needs to be considered when designing a product. We have recently added a solar simulation chamber to our South Carolina location to compliment the other materials testing performed there.

The chamber utilizes industry leading Atlas lighting systems to provide accurate solar radiation. Beyond irradiance and lighting, the chamber is environmentally controlled. The chamber is able to control, with irradiance, from -20°C to 100°C and 20-80% relative humidity. This control allows for accurate day/night cycle simulations as well as a multitude of different climates. Four 4000W MHG bulbs provide a field of irradiance capable of testing assembly level parts. An adjustable irradiance output of 800-1200 W/m2 allows us to meet nearly all automotive specifications including DIN 75220, BMW PR306, and VW TL82511.

The addition of solar testing helps us to provide complete validation to an array of products. One such product is the validation of airbags. The addition of solar simulation completes MGA’s capability to perform the entire functional lifecycle and climatic aging of airbags prior to deployment testing. This offers our customers a single source location for their validation plans. An example from the exteriors side of validation would be spoiler/lift gate testing. Solar testing allows us to evaluate the paint as well as bonded components under direct solar loading.