MGA is excited to announce our West Coast geographic expansion with a new test facility in Hughson, California! Localization has been a core principle of MGA starting approximately 30 years ago, with the purchase of our Wisconsin proving grounds and test facility in the Detroit region. These facilities focused on serving the Midwest based automotive industry. As time went on, the localized demand from our customers continued to grow as they pushed into the Southeastern US and Mexican markets. As a result, MGA established facilities in Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, and Alabama. The emergence and success of many automotive startups and established aerospace customers in the Western United States, has created a demand for local testing services, and MGA is responding. 

MGA_US-locations_Map edited

As the ninth location in North America, our California facility will serve as a strong addition to existing automotive, space, and aircraft testing capabilities we offer. The location is approximately 100 miles east of San Jose and San Francisco. Sitting on 9 acres with expansion capabilities, this 80,000 sq ft facility will bring unparalleled testing capability under one roof to the West Coast. Capabilities will be added in a phased approach starting in the Summer of 2022. We are bringing these capabilities online based on customer feedback and needs for that region – currently that plan calls for 3 phases: 

Phase 1 – Summer 2022  

FMVSS 200-Level Component Safety, Environmental and Lifecycle, Durability, and Pyroshock 


Phase 2 – Early 2023 

Accelerator Sled testing, Component Safety Expansion, Vibration, and Durability Expansion 


Phase 3 - 2023 

Indoor Full Vehicle Crash Track, Battery and Electronics lab, Materials Testing 


Since late 2021, we have hired local CA associates who have been training at multiple MGA facilities to learn our processes and enhance their skillsets. In addition to local hires, several key MGA associates are moving out to California to work full time and bring the same quality of service provided at all our facilities. MGA will continue to grow and expand this facility as time goes on to best serve our growing customer base. With all our planning, state of the art equipment, and experienced staff, we look forward to supporting our west coast customers achieve their goals.