MGA Research provides testing services tailored to the off-road market. Mobile off-road vehicles used in agriculture, turf-care, over-the-road transportation, and recreation are a few examples of the markets MGA can assist. It is crucial to ensure operator safety when using mechanical equipment, especially for equipment that operates in dangerous or unstable terrain. With the capabilities of conducting static and dynamic testing, one can confirm the durability of their structures used in a variety of off-road applications. A few testing standards listed below include, but are not limited to,

  • ISO 3471 ROPS
  • SAE J2358 Roof Crush
  • SAE J2292 Belt Anchorage
  • ANSI Z135 Impact Testing
  • ANSI Z135 Roll-Over
  • Miscellaneous ANSI Z135
  • Quasi-Static Loading
  • Long Term Durability Testing
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Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS) in passenger transport vehicles (PTV’s) and utility terrain vehicles (UTV’s) are designed to protect vehicle occupants in the event of a roll over. The ISO 3471 ROPS static strength test evaluates the protective structure of the vehicle by using quasi static hydraulic cylinders, capable of forces up to 10,000 pounds, to apply force at each load application point.

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Off-road vehicles, just like cars and trucks, are moving towards electrification over internal combustion engines, which MGA has respectively adapted to accommodate. With capablities to test high voltage systems mechanically, electrically, and environmentally, manufactures can recive support as electric off-road vehicles become more and more common.

Since 1977 MGA has provided the tools and expertise required to test in accordance with the essential requirements. For design analysis, testing can be done on either complete vehicles or just the chassis. By putting your ATVs, UTVs, or PTVs through physical testing, one may be sure that the system's intended design is accurate and falls within safety guidelines.