MGA knows that the small things can make a huge impact on the success of early product development. Being able to swiftly move through design vetting and experimentation can help keep project schedules on track. In the past, MGA has supported our customers with dedicated work areas, private conference rooms, tools, and raw materials to help promote experimentation during onsite product development.


In the current climate, where the hands-on approach is not as desirable as it used to be, MGA has continued their focus on customer needs. To ensure our customers keep their finger on the pulse of their projects, MGA has integrated the use of remote viewing technologies with great success. One of MGA’s core goals is close collaboration with customers, which we intend to maintain with the use of these supplemental technologies.


MGA has made use of screen sharing and video conference calling across a variety of platforms to plan projects, review test setups, and discuss dynamic results. MGA stands ready to help keep your product development on track, in spite of personnel travel restrictions.