Bringing Aircraft Sled to ANH Sabong Factory

December 1, 2022

Since the 1980’s, MGA has been supporting customers in the South Korean market. Whether it be for testing services, or installation of testing facilities, our customer base spans across multiple industries including both automotive and aircraft. 2020 marked the start of another collaborative effort. ANH Structure was seeking to bring on-line a brand-new facility dedicated […]

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Aircraft Component/Assembly Testing in MGA Canada

November 14, 2022

MGA Research has supported the advancement in aircraft safety testing since the 1990’s. Starting with dynamic sled testing on aircraft seats, our capabilities have grown to cover a variety testing such as structural, safety, environmental, & materials. In the past decade, the aerospace market has been growing significantly in Canada. MGA responded by bringing a […]

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MGA Off-Road Testing

October 27, 2022

MGA Research provides testing services tailored to the off-road market. Mobile off-road vehicles used in agriculture, turf-care, over-the-road transportation, and recreation are a few examples of the markets MGA can assist. It is crucial to ensure operator safety when using mechanical equipment, especially for equipment that operates in dangerous or unstable terrain. With the capabilities […]

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MGA’s 3D Printing Solutions

September 29, 2022

There are many use cases for 3D printing that make it a versatile tool to have in a test lab.  We commonly print fixtures, load forms, and part simulations. These parts often need to be strong with high dimensional accuracy.  Many companies will have these items machined but at MGA we have the capability to […]

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MGA Expands Large Vehicle Testing Capabilities with Impact Pendulum

September 8, 2022

MGA has been committed to consistently improving and expanding our testing capabilities to support our customers’ evolving needs. MGA’s new multi-purpose impact pendulum and crush system is no exception. The pendulum and crush systems were designed around standards focusing on heavy-duty vehicle testing such as: ECE R29, SAE J2422, and Swedish BOF10. This system is […]

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Material Testing in the Southwest

August 11, 2022

In the recent years, OEM’s and their suppliers have faced difficulties with sourcing materials, shipping costs, or supply chain issues. This spurs the need for R&D and testing of alternative materials that can be more readily available. The need for material testing ranges from guaranteeing the safety of vehicle systems to assessing the aesthetic, performance, […]

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